Calejo Optimize™ makes smart industries more intelligent
The next generation of AI for optimizing industry processes

Calejo has developed a patented next generation simulation and optimization engine specially designed for artificial intelligence and used in areas such as energy, industrial processes and smart cities.

An unique Gray Box solution that is combining mathematical models with AI modeling

Calejo’s uniqueness rests in our patent-pending solution with instant Gray Box modeling that can include very disruptive data sets. Gray Box modeling or hybrid modeling is a combination of the two modeling languages and techniques – purely mathematical white box modeling and AI black boxing.

High performance scalable simulations of large systems

Calejo Optimize® has been developed based on the latest scientific findings and represents the unique result of 15+ years of experience from various international AI projects. Read more about the technology behind the unique AI-engine.

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Calejo is owned by the Co-Founders Carl Johard, Leonard Johard and Jonas Berggren. Our development team and our academic network includes several of the world’s leading AI researchers and experts.

The story of the hummingbird

For industry, pollination is the same as repeated injections of new knowledge, new methods and new technology, which continuously contribute to productivity and environmental improvements and ultimately also better solutions and more satisfied end customers.

But this requires dedication and determination. For all pollination, if only a few pollen grains are transferred, the result is a poorly developed fruits. In addition: With a poor pollination it becomes a worse harvest and completely without pollination there will be no harvest at all.