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— Calejo Industrial Intelligence Invents Intelligence for Smart Industries.

The offer

Traditional knowledge and tools are no longer enough to meet the needs of productivity development and sustainability within the industry. Based on the AI technology Reinforcement Learning (RL), Calejo has developed an unique self-learning modeling system that helps the industry to better understand and streamline processes within production and maintenance. As a result the industry also achieve significant environmental improvements.

The Team

Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB was founded in May 2018. The company is owned by the founders Johannes Holmberg, Carl Johard and Leonard Johard. Our development team and our academic network includes several of the world’s leading AI specialists and AI researchers.

Latest news

Calejo’s AI expert is Awarded the SKAPA prize.

Leonard Johard, AI expert and co-founder of Calejo Industrial Intelligence, has been awarded the 2020 SKAPA Prize for Västernorrland. The prize money is a total of SEK 10,000.

Leonard Johard has developed an AI solution to optimize complex processes in the industry. The system can, for example, be used to test ideas that are very difficult or impossible to implement in reality.
– The innovation will make a strong contribution to efficiency and sustainability work in the industry and the scalability means that the system has good potential to achieve market success and profitability, says Sten Wigert, Innovation Advisor at Mid Sweden University and one of the county jury members.

In memory of Alfred Nobel

The foundation SKAPA is founded in memory of Alfred Nobel in 1985 and awarded its first prize in 1986. The prize is now Sweden’s largest and most prestigious innovation prize, where creative people are awarded every year, first in the region and then nationally. Behind the SKAPA foundation are the Stockholm Fair and the Swedish Inventors’ Association with the support of Almi Företagspartner AB, VINNOVA, the Agne Johansson Memorial Foundation and the Patent and Registration Office.

National ceremony 14 November
The county winners receive a prize money of SEK 10,000, including an opportunity to win the national prize, which, in addition to the honor, is SEK 500,000. The national award ceremony will take place at the SKAPA Innovation Gala on 14 November 2020. The gala will usually be held in Stockholm, but this year will be held digitally.
The purpose of the SKAPA award is to stimulate and create opportunities for established and new innovators to test their ideas in competition with others.
– In Västernorrland, we are good at creating new ideas, which results in patents and business opportunities. There is every possibility that this year’s winner can be tomorrow’s entrepreneur with great benefit to society, says Christin Borg, unit manager at the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland, and a member of the jury.

Third time lucky
This is the third time Leonard Johard wins a county competition for the SKAPA prize. In 2014 he won SKAPA’s Talent Award in Västernorrland for his revolutionary AI model for price forecasts of raw materials and in 2019 Gävleborg’s SKAPA award for the starup company Indivd’s patent for anonymisation of image data.

The winner of this year’s SKAPA award in Västernorrland was announced at Länsresidenset in Härnösand. The award went to Leonard Johard, PhD in AI and machine learning and one of the co-founders of the company Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB. His colleagues in Calejo Johannes Holmberg and Carl Johard received the award from Västernorrland’s governor Berit Högman

A future without AI is not a future

On Monday, AI guru Leonard, CTO at Calejo Industrial Intelligence, together with Johannes Holmberg, CEO of Calejo, gave an esteemed guest lecture at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall on AI and machine learning. The lecture is the starting shot for the university’s new course “Applied machine learning”, which corresponds to three higher education credits.

The course, which starts on 31 August, is a further education and is aimed at engineers working in industry.

In this introduction, you get answers to questions about why AI is such a necessary technology to take the leap into the future and then also survive the future.

Some problems are simple and others are difficult for an AI system to solve. During the introduction and training, you will learn more about which and why. You will also find that the problem is always more important than the solution. You will learn to understand why and how to think and how AI works best. You also get an understanding of how to create a model of reality – a digital twin – and how to find patterns in data.

Calejo Industrial Intelligence is a Sundsvall-based company that focuses on optimizing industrial processes to make the processes more efficient and the companies more sustainable. Calejo has developed a patent-pending AI solution called Calejo Optimize and is described as the intelligence of the smart industry. The solution has been developed based on the latest scientific results and represents the unique result of 15+ years of experience from various international AI projects.

Here via this link you will find the lecture:

Calejo is preparing for an international patent application

In addition to its Swedish patent application, Calejo Industrial Intelligence has now also submitted a PCT for an international patent application,

– In parallel, we are also preparing for several international patent filings, says Leonard Johard, CTO at Calejo.

At a so-called PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), an international search and patent review of the PRV (Patent and Registration Office) is carried out together with an assessment based on news value, innovation level and industrial usability.

Calejo’s previous patent application, which is currently being finalized by PRV, concerns Calejo’s unique AI engine for modeling and Reinforcement Learning. The technology allows for flexible, scalable process optimization and efficient interaction between people, data and AI.