3 years ago
Calejo is building a digital twin of SCA's forestry supply chain

Calejo will build a digital twin of SCA Forest's supply chain from felling to delivery of sawmill timber. The intention is primarily to develop a Proof of Concept for a well-functioning continuous forecasting of the average log volume into the sawmill.

SCA Forest delivers timber to a number of processing industries, where, above all, sawmills place high demands on deliveries in terms of quality, dimension and availability. The sawmills place orders for the next six months. To be able to deliver on time and as desired, SCA must have full control of several different factors, such as mature forest, access to roads for felling, available machines, storage sites and timber transports.

Objectives of the project

Today, SCA Forest makes ongoing six-month forecasts of delivery capacity to specific sawmills. These forecasts are created manually and are based on a mixture of experience and facts.

The first goal of this project is to investigate the possibilities of using AI to create a weekly, updated and rolling forecast for the average log value of the inflow to Bollsta sawmill based on more parameters than is currently possible. We will also examine the possibilities of creating forecasts for both the short and long term, says Johannes Holmberg.

Magnus Bergman, forest technical manager at SCA Forest, adds:

- The purpose is to increase the degree of processing by creating greater transparency in the delivery between forest and sawmill. Based on the orders, we also want to achieve increased delivery accuracy and a reduced conversion cost for the sawmills.

About Calejo Optimize

Calejo Optimize is an AI tool for creating models / digital twins of advanced processes, which can then be used for simulation and optimization of flows. The models are created by combining physical models and database models based on needs and conditions.

Magnus Bergman
Forest Technical Manager, SCA


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