2 years ago
How wastewater becomes a raw model for hydropower

Together with Sweco, Calejo is building a new Smart Water platform to help Swedish municipalities to optimize their water supply and sewerage systems. The knowledge from here is now transferred to creating value for hydropower as well.

Smart Water is based on Calejo's unique and patented technology, which with the help of hybrid intelligence - a combination of both mathematical calculations and AI - controls the sewage network pumps in a smarter way.

The goal of Smart Water is initially to eliminate the risk of overflows and flooding in the event of heavy rainfall. In the long term, the new platform will also contain modules for more efficient control of the treatment plants.

Generic solution

The same software used for the water supply and sewerage networks can also be used to optimize the production of hydropower, whose cooperating turbines and technical challenges are to some extent reminiscent of the water supply and sewerage systems' pumping networks.

- We base our work largely on modern and open programming languages. The simulations are generic and easy to handle and understood by process engineers. Our technology makes it possible to practically carry out large-scale non-linear modeling regardless of industry and process, says Johannes Holmberg, CEO of Calejo.

Increased profitability

Several different pilot projects, including Uniper and Jämtkraft, have shown that it is entirely possible to completely automate data retrieval with the help of Calejo's tools and thus understand and forecast the process itself more quickly and more precisely.

- Power producers can completely focus on modeling the power grid in all its complexity and also include short-term factors, such as maintenance and weather. All process knowledge can be added to the system with the result that the operation becomes more systematic, more precise and less person-dependent, says Johannes Holmberg and concludes:

- More reliable forecasts contribute to increased profitability, while at the same time reducing operating costs.

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