2 years ago
Hybrid Intelligence is the solution to the energy crisis

Calejo's patented modeling AI technology, which is based on hybrid intelligence, helps us to allow more wind and solar power in the overall energy mix and thereby create a more efficient and stable energy market in terms of production and prices.

Calejo has developed a patented solution for forecasting, optimizing and controlling complex processes and markets. It is called hybrid intelligence and the technology combines the best of human intelligence in the form of mathematical calculations with pure artificial intelligence. The technology has proven to work well in industrial, messy and complex environments such as energy, water and sewerage, forestry and mining.

It also works excellently to predict the future development of energy production and energy prices. Calejo has been able to show this in previous projects with, among others, Uniper and in new projects with, among others, Jämtkraft.

- The use of hybrid modeling will lead to increased efficiency in the production of hydropower. More accurate forecasts of production and prices contribute to more efficient pricing by allowing the use of a higher proportion of renewable energy in the form of VRE (Variable Renewable Energy), such as solar and wind, in the total energy mix, says Leonard Johard, CTO at Calejo.

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