3 years ago
Calejo is participating in a global AI conference

Calejo is invited to attend the virtual international conference AI Wonderland on October 22 this year.

AI Wonderland is a global summit that brings together world-class speakers from industry-leading companies. More than 120 AI experts participate for 60 hours as speakers on four different digital stages to highlight the best in AI development right now in terms of theory and practice.

The ambition of the days is to use AI to make the global future better. Some of the companies represented include Huawei, Amazon, Spotify, PwC, Adobe, BioNTech, Nvidia, Airbus, Samsung AI, Google, H&M and VMware.

This year's edition is the third in a row. Over 1000 people from more than 150 countries are expected to participate.

Calejo will take part in a special pitch event, as well as with its own showroom for presentations and in-depth conversations.