4 years ago
Calejo and IBM in close collaboration

Calejo Industrial Intelligence, which has developed a unique system for process optimization using AI, has initiated a close collaboration with IBM Sweden. Calejo is now part of the partner network IBM Business Partners.

- I see that IBM will be able to be an important complementary support in Calejo's unique technological offer to its customers, says Martin Rydén, Technical Leader and Intraprenuer at IBM Sweden.

IBM Sweden has initiated an internationally unique and ambitious collaboration program with various serial entrepreneurs and startup companies in Sweden.

- We carefully select and help a number of companies, which we believe have a good opportunity to succeed in the market. The most important thing for us in our selection is the team's competence and the business idea itself. Our own incentive is of course to increase the use of our technology and our cloud services, says Martin Rydén.

In addition to technology and cloud services, IBM also contributes its own time by being a sounding board and advisor in terms of technology coaching, business development, production setting and marketing activities.

- We will also be able to benefit from each other's networks. Within IBM, as is well known, we have a significant global network, not least within IBM Business Partners, says Martin Rydén.

Access to IBM's cloud services Through the collaboration with IBM, Calejo will, among other things, be able to offer both public and private cloud services for the industrial companies' data streams. In this area, IBM is one of the world's largest players. In private cloud services, IBM has acquired the leading player Redhat. Following this acquisition, IBM is by far the largest in private cloud.

- With the support of IBM, we will thus be able to offer a very competitive and more complete package to our customers. We are also very grateful for all the good and experienced advice we receive from IBM, says Johannes Holmberg, CEO of Calejo Industrial Intelligence.

Martin Rydén concludes:

- We think that Calejo has a very interesting technology based on the latest area in AI - Reinforcement Learning. With its self-learning systems, the company offers a completely new way of working with industrial optimization, control and monitoring.