3 years ago
Do you want to join us and lead the industry of the future?

Calejo develops Industry 4.0 with AI. We have secured funding for the near future and development and now need to create a professional board to support management. We are therefore looking for an external chairman of the board and a board member.

Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB has developed its own patented AI engine to streamline and create more sustainable industrial processes. We build digital twins with which we then optimize processes, generating massive savings and efficiencies for our customers.

In the long run Calejo will even be able to help our customers autonomously control their industrial processes. Since the technology is particularly suitable for highly complex processes, we have initially chosen to focus on the process industry. Together with our partners, we are building new technical platforms for several verticals including Smart Water, Smart Pulping, Smart Mining, Smart Timber, Smart Energy and more.

Are you our new board member?

Calejo has just completed its first round of financing, and with the number of customers now increasing, the planned expansion is taking place at an accelerated rate. To meet the new challenges and opportunities, Calejo plans to augment the Board with relevant experience and competence to steer our global upscaling. We are therefore looking for two members (one chairman and one ordinary member) who want to be part of this exciting journey.

Ideally, our new Board members will possess several of the following attributes:

- Strong industrial insights and understanding from working in a relevant industry;

- Knowledge and experience in business development, especially in go-to-market strategies and packaging of services and products;

- Experience in building and rolling out a SaaS / Licensing model;

- International experience of rapid global upscaling via various platform strategies;

- International sales contacts;

- Experience in international contract law and international negotiations; and

- Previous Board experience.

Contact us!

Our organization is already global with the team working in a decentralized environment. Our CEO is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you feel you might be the right person for this challenge, please send your CV and a Cover letter to Calejo's CEO Johannes Holmberg on phone: 073-2504201 or via email: johannes.holmberg@calejo.ai

This is Calejo

Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB was founded in 2017 in Sundsvall, Sweden, with the goal to apply their patented ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence technology to industrial processes. Calejo aims to become a global player in industrial AI and provide the world’s industry with the next-generation tools needed to adapt and remain at the forefront of their respective industries. For more information please visit https://www.calejo.ai/