2 years ago
AI does not solve everything – but so does Hybrid Intelligence

AI is not the solution to everything and to every problem. Many of the AI projects and digital twins built in the industry remain isolated projects without being able to be applied in the industrial processes.

This for two reasons. On the one hand, the processes are so complicated and the human interventions so numerous that pure neural networks simply do not work to explain everything that happens.

- At Calejo, we have developed a unique and patented solution, which we call Hybrid Intelligence, where we use a combination of mathematical calculations and AI to achieve better results. With the help of our technology, we can build precise models of complex processes with millions of included parameters, which makes it possible to optimize and even control the processes in real time. We have several successful examples of this in industry, water supply and sewerage systems and energy production, says Leonard Johard, CTO at Calejo.

The right organization a must

The second problem is that most companies today have poor control over their processes and flows.

- It will then be a waste of investments to connect exclusive IT tools in production and maintenance systems in an attempt to process something that unfortunately is not already in place. Without the right organization, companies will never be able to benefit from AI, says Leonard Johard.

Brand new heights

The specialist competence and the tools and services that Calejo develops and offers are unique and can contribute to increasing the efficiency of all complex industrial processes. With proximity to academic research and with the support of its international R&D group, Calejo is 5-10 years ahead of the market, especially in the AI ​​area of ​​Differentiable Programming (DP).

- It is a new way of programming, where the program code itself is self-learning, which greatly contributes to AI now spreading across the entire programming field. The development is still in its infancy, but the technology has reached a satisfactory maturity in recent years, says Leonard Johard and concludes:

- The entire simulation and optimization field is about to reach completely new heights. The demand for better production planning is growing rapidly in all industries.

Leonard Johard
CTO, Calejo


Leading international researcher within Reinforcement Learning.

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