2 years ago
New interface makes Smart Water easier to use

During the first half of 2022, Calejo and Sweco, together with the company Esatto, conducted an innovation sprint. The goal has been to build a bridge between systems and users by creating a new user interface for the new AI platform Smart Water.

The project has been carried out with financial support from Bron Innovation.Together with Sweco, Calejo is developing the AI platform Smart Water, which initially makes the control of sewage pumps more intelligent and contributes to reduced overflows.

- A digital twin is created for an entire sewage system or treatment plant. By training the model on historical data, the solution can then predict when and with how much volume a certain precipitation will increase the flow in the selected water and sewage system, says Leonard Johard, CTO of Calejo.

In its final version, the goal is for the system to take in data, analyze the outcome and then optimize and, if necessary, autonomously control the pump control. In addition to minimized overflow, the solution can also contribute to reduced energy use and reduced use of chemicals in treatment plants.

Interactive map

The goal of the innovation sprint has been to implement the produced result in the AI platform Smart Water. In the long run, the user interface will also be part of Calejo's more industrial general solution Calejo Optimize.

- The developed concept is based on an interactive map, where you quickly get an overview of a system and be able to focus on specific parts and areas when needed, says JLeonard Johard and concludes:

- With Smart Water, it will be possible to test alternatives, create forecasts and based on these evaluate effects in the long term. The solution will be used as a tool for prioritizing work and resources and making decisions.

Smart Water