Calejo Optimize helps customers to create a digital twin of their processes in a new and more efficient way by combining AI-technology and traditional modelling. The digital twin is thereafter used to optimize the process in order to create the most possible value regarding energy consumption/production, environmental issues, productivity etc. The optimization is made by using the latest generation of reinforcement learning.

The solution could be delivered as a cloud-based SaaS or as a server installation at the customers site. 

“For industry, pollination is the same as repeated injections of new knowledge, new methods and new technology, which continuously contribute to productivity and environmental improvements and ultimately also better solutions and more satisfied end customers. But this requires dedication and determination. For all pollination, if only a few pollen grains are transferred, the result is a poorly developed fruits. In addition: With a poor pollination it becomes a worse harvest and completely without pollination there will be no harvest at all.”