Archive January 24, 2020

Calejo highlighted in a forest industry conference

“Through our sharp and unique technology, we have succeeded in implementing several successful AI projects in the industry. I am happy that we now in this context also can reach a wider audience by explaining the potential of AI for the forest industry, ”said Johannes Holmberg, CEO of Calejo Industrial Intelligence in connection with his recent speech at PPT (Pulp, Paper & Technology) group’s annual meeting at Sweco’s head quarter in Stockholm.

The speech was very well received by the more than one hundred people with representatives from the entire Swedish forest and process industry.

In particular, Johannes Holmberg presented the successful project that Calejo is implementing together with SCA at SCA Obbola outside Umeå.

– Here, together we have succeeded in demonstrating the optimization possibilities of energy use in the pulp process by anticipating the need for steam and using accumulated energy in the process to ensure that there is always enough steam, he explained and continued:

– We have carried out several successful projects with the process industry, all of which have confirmed that the optimization engine Calejo Optimize can be used to better understand and optimize production. We have made a successful PoC with Uniper in hydropower. In 2019 we have started several successful projects with, among others, SCA, ABB, Boliden, Optimization and Processum. We are also planning for many new projects with several of Sweden’s most AI-mature companies and we have started collaborative discussions with some of the largest and leading technology consulting companies in Sweden, all of whom are very interested in being able to collaborate around Calejo Optimize.

Other speakers during the very well-informed and informative day was Stora Enso’s Swedish director Per Lyrvall, energy guru Lars Stigsson from KIRAM, Magnus Lundmark from Domsjö Fabriker, Per Bjurbom, head of Shanying Europe, and Göran Örlander from Södra.