Archive October 9, 2019

Great interest from the process industry for Calejo’s transformative AI projects

Calejo Industrial Intelligence participated at the PiiA Summit on October 8 in Västerås to present the company’s two Vinnova-funded PiiA projects that are being implemented in collaboration with Boliden, Optimization and SCA. The event attracted 150 senior executives in the Swedish research and process industry. Here it was found that the companies that will benefit most from AI’s value exchange are the so-called “early adopters”.

The two PiiA projects presented by Calejo’s CEO Johannes Holmberg attracted great interest and great attention both on stage and in the adjacent booth.

One project together with Boliden Mineral and Optimation is entitled “AI as support for more efficient process modeling”. The goal here is to investigate whether AI technology can be used to create models of complex processes in a cost-effective way. A model of flotation will be developed and validated in the project.

In the project with SCA Obbola, which is named “Energy optimization in the process industry with the help of AI”, the goal is to create an AI-based forecast of future needs for water vapor and to investigate whether accumulated evaporated black liquor can be used as an energy supplement in anticipated lack of water vapor.

– The projects are implemented with Calejo’s patent-pending technology solution, which among other things offers the opportunity to real-time derivative process models, which contain both AI technology and traditional modeling technology, explained Johannes Holmberg.

AI a giant leap of technology

During the event, several very talented speakers from research and industry participated. Pia Brantgärde Linder from ABB highlighted, among other things, the importance of power for industry, both in the form of electricity, but also in the form of skills and lifelong learning.

Örjan Larsson, who leads PiiA’s analysis business, and is program manager at the Blue Institute research institute, talked about AI and digital platforms that are now about to transform the industry. During the conference, the study and report were presented AI & Digital Platforms, funded by Vinnova.

The report states that the value creation that AI in the service industry is expected to add could amount to as much as $ 2,000 billion over the next few years. The effects come partly from productivity improvements and partly from effects in value systems such as price, quality, time savings, better adaptations and sustainability.

– Machine learning is a very powerful technology that allows analysis and thus automation at new levels and is expected to produce productivity effects that exceed other technology breakthroughs – from the steam engine to the industrial robot and general computerization, explained Örjan Larsson

“First in – first out”

California-based researcher and AI guru Alexander Fred-Ojala concluded his speech by stating:

– The companies that will benefit most from AI’s value exchange are the so-called “early adopters”.