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— Calejo Industrial Intelligence Invent Intelligence for Smart Industries.

The offer

Traditional knowledge and tools are no longer enough to meet the needs of productivity development and sustainability within the industry. Based on the AI technology Reinforcement Learning (RL), Calejo has developed a unique self-learning modeling system that helps the industry to better understand and streamline processes within production and maintenance. As a result the industry also achieve significant environmental improvements.

The Team

Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB was founded in May 2018. The company is owned by the founders Johannes Holmberg, Carl Johard and Leonard Johard. Our development team and our academic network includes several of the world’s leading AI specialists and AI researchers.

Latest news

Partnership with IBM Sweden

Calejo has been selected IBM Business Partner. IBM will support Calejo with both technical and business related support and knowledge.

Two Calejo project funded by the Swedish strategic innovation program – PiiA.

Project 1. Together with the mining company Boliden Mineral AB and the process optimization company Optimation AB. The project will develop a new method for digital twins of complex processes using AI.

Project 2. Together with SCA AB Calejo will optimize the energy within the pulp process by forecasting the need of steam and use accumulated energy within the process to ensure that there always will be enough steam.