Intelligence For Smart Industries

Based on the AI technology Reinforcement Learning (RL), Calejo has developed a unique self-learning modeling system that helps the industry to better understand and streamline processes within production and maintenance. As a result the industry also achieve significant environmental improvements.

The offer

We have developed a portfolio of exclusive and industrially adapted AI engines that help industry companies to further streamline and improve their production and processes. This process-controlling AI solution - Calejo Control - is a generic tool that can be used for all industry processes. Calejo Control is developed for infrastructure and smart cities, for energy production, as well as for process and manufacturing industries. With the support of our strategic partners, Calejo Control is provided via subscriptions.



The Team

Calejo Industrial Intelligence AB was founded in May 2018. The company is owned by the founders Johannes Holmberg, Carl Johard and Leonard Johard. Our development team and our academic network includes several of the world’s leading AI specialists and AI researchers.

Latest news

New Patent Application

Calejo has submitted a patent application for a completely new AI engine for modelling and reinforcement learning. The technology allows for flexible, scalable process optimization and efficient interaction between people, data and AI.

Signed NDA with Sweco Position AB

As part of an potential collaboration, Calejo and Sweco Position AB have signed an NDA to be able to discuss technical and business details with transparency.

Interesting Discussions with IBM

In order to offer the right technology solution to our customers, we need a reliable and competent technology partner. AI is based on access to data and for us it is obvious that this data is handled in the safest possible way. IBM looks to be the technology partner we are looking for.